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PSARA Lobby Day
Opening Remarks and Presentations

(see below for presentations and links from guest speakers)

Presentations and links from guest speakers:

  • Andrew Eckels and Jordan Garcia, Campaign Team Members Seattle 350:  Andrew Eckels and Jordan Garcia provided an overview of Seattle 350’s areas of work (click here for slides).  They focused their presentation on the Washington State Investment Board’s lack of requirements to take into account environmental risk in assessing investment funds.  HB 2405 (Bill Title:  Concerning sustainability factors in investment strategies and proxy voting by the Washington State Investment Board) is an effort to require the Investment Board to take sustainability into account.


  • Maddie Foutch, Legislative and Campaigns Director SEIU 775:  Maddie Foutch discussed the Initiatives that are expected to be on the ballot in 2024.  These initiatives will severely curtail or rollback legislation passed in 2023.  Most significantly the crippling of the Washington Cares Act.  There will be more about these initiatives in PSARA’s Retirement Advocate in the next few months.  


  • Gabriela Quintana, Sr. Policy Associate- Family Economic Security, Economic Opportunity Institute (EOI):  Gabriela Quintana discussed worker’s rights and economic justice.  She reviewed a range of legislation that EOI is currently following, particularly modifications to Washington’s Paid Family Leave Act.  Click here for her handout


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