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Tell your Representatives to stop raiding Medicare

Medicare is being Attacked on three Fronts:

  • Medicare Advantage Plans have overcharged Medicare to the tune of XX Billion over the last XX years

  • The administration has continued a Trump era program now called ACO Reach.  This program invites private equity companies to take over regular Medicare with your knowledge. While the program has paused it already has control of over XX% of regular Medicare patients.


  • Medicare’s hands have been tied by congressional restrictions on benefits that they can offer versus what Medicare Advantage Plans can offer.

What you can do to help:

It’s important that we make sure all representatives hear from their constituents Please write or call your U.S. Congressional Representatives and tell them:

  • Add benefits to traditional Medicare including vision, dental and hearing and eliminating the 20% Medicare copay.

  • Stop the private insurance companies’ fraudulent charges to the Medicare Trust Fund.

  • Take back the money that the Medicare Trust Fund lost to fraud and abuse by private insurance corporations

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