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Vote NO To Protect our future and the future of our children and grandchildren

I-2124 will take away long-term care benefits from 85% of working Washingtonians. While political interests claim this is about giving people a choice, the truth is I-2124 will:

  • Harm people with pre-existing conditions, like cancer or diabetes, by taking away the only long-term care benefit available to them – since they can’t get private long-term care insurance; 

  • Take $8.1 billion from our long-term care benefits program, forcing premium hikes, and quickly bankrupting the program for everyone;

  • Leave us at the mercy of for-profit insurance companies who jack up premiums and deny benefits by 50%, 100%, or even 300% without warning;

  • Force us to pay out of pocket for homecare, wheelchairs, ramps, and other long-term care expenses, or make us drain our savings, or sign over our homes, to qualify for Medicaid.

Don’t Let I-2124 Take Away Washington’s Long-Term Care Benefit

  • The need for long-term care is a scary event we all hope to avoid, but the fact is 70% of us will need help with daily living activities as a result of a serious injury, illness, disease or other challenge that can happen at any age. Washington’s long-term care benefit is a safety net, like Social Security or Medicare, set up to allow seniors, and disabled or severely ill adults, to live with dignity and stability.

  • Lawmakers have steadily strengthened Washington’s long term care benefit—first making near-retirees eligible, even if they work part-time. Thanks to new changes, Washingtonians who have paid into the program can keep their benefits even if they move out of state for work, family, or retirement.  

  • The vast majority of us do not have a way to pay for long-term care expenses, which are not covered by traditional health insurance or Medicare.

  • Today, Washingtonians have an affordable, guaranteed benefit we can tap to help cover the costs of long-term care: it’s called the WA Cares Fund. Benefits start at $36,500 in 2026 (growing to as much as $60,000 in 20 years, indexed to inflation). Benefits cover: home care aide so you can stay in your own home; family member’s time caring for you; wheelchairs, hospital beds, lifts, and other equipment; ramps, grab bars, and other home modifications; and residential care. 

Vote No on I-2117: We Can’t Afford It

  • I-2117 would cut investments in clean air and water, forests and farmlands, jobs and transportation — increasing toxic pollution across our state and making traffic worse.

  • Instead of a fee on pollution being paid by a few, it would shift the burden of paying for the impacts ofpollution back onto communities, workers, and families.

  • It’s being bankrolled by an extreme, right-wing donor who moved to WA to avoid taxes on his hedge fund;he’s “Tim Eyman with a gigantic bank account,” as the The Seattle Times put it.

It would strip away investments in every county in Washington, including investments in:

  • Clean air and water, like programs to reduce toxic air and water pollution that endangers our families and communities.

  • Programs that lower costs for Washingtonians, like utility bill discounts for households with low incomes.

  • Programs to prevent wildfires, including funding for local governments to reduce the risk of fires.

  • Transportation, putting transit service, ferries and road projects at risk across the  making traffic worse.

  • Support for Tribal nations, like programs to help keep Native communities safe from flooding and sea level rise.

  • Farmland, farmers, and ranchers, like grants that support farmers’ and ranchers’ sustainable practices.

  • Fish habitat and salmon recovery, like grants to remove barriers that hurt migrating salmon.

 I-2109 takes away more than $5 billion from Washington education, draining budgets:

  •  Funding from the capital gains tax is dedicated to public education, childcare and early learning. Parents are desperate for more childcare and early learning openings, especially in rural areas. 

  • School districts across the state are facing budget shortfalls and don’t have the funds for school repairs. If I-2109 passes, school districts may have to turn to more property tax levies to keep schools safe for students.

 I-2109 gives a tax cut to fewer than 4,000 mega-millionaires and billionaires in Washington:

  • 99.8% of Washington households did not pay a dime of state capital gains tax, yet in 2022, the first year it was collected, it raised $889 million for education. 84% of the revenue from this tax comes from wealthy residents in King County.

  • Washington State’s capital gains tax is limited, applying only to 7% of the annual profits in excess of $250,000 from sales of stocks and bonds. 

  • All retirement accounts, such as IRAs, small family businesses, farms, and all real estate, including businesses and vacation homes, are already exempted. 

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