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PSARA Directory:


PSARA Executive Director

Mike Andrew


PSARA Co-Presidents

Karen Richter and Jeff Johnson


Administrative Vice Presidents
Jessica Bonebright


Outreach Co-Vice Presidents
Lisa Dekker and Rick Timmins


Membership Vice President
Angela Bartels


Tom Lux


Government Relations Committee Chair

Pam Crone


Environmental Committee Co-Chairs
Tom Lux, Bob Barnes, Bobby Righi


Diversity Committee Co-Chairs
Frank Irigon and Anne Watanabe


Retiree Advocate Editor
Mike Andrew

Retiree Advocate Copy Editor

Amy Davis


Web Administrator

Paul Muldoon


Facebook Administrator

Ellen Menshew

PSARA Education Fund Directory:


Robby Stern


Vice President
Karen Ric


Barb Flye


Laila Saliba


Board Member

Carlos de la Torre

Vanetta Molson

Advocate Editor
Mike Andrew


Copy Editor
Amy Davis

Garet Munger


Trade Printery

Need to reach us?

Phone our office in the WSLC at (206) 254-4910. If necessary, leave a message with your phone number. We will call you back.

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