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Labor Organizations

Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Statewide coalition of labor unions for political action and education on workers’ issues
Seattle: (206) 281-8901, Olympia: (360) 943-0608

County Labor Councils

County coalitions of labor unions for collective political and job action:


America’s Union Movement, national coalition of labor unions

Labor Constituency Groups

Worker advocates within the labor movement:

Labor Archives of Washington State

Funded by the Washington State Labor Council, the ILWU Longshore Division, the Harry Bridges Labor Center at the University of Washington, and many more labor unions and and individuals.

Senior Services and Information

Advisory Council on Aging and Disability Services

Washington Association of Area Agencies on Aging


National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

1-(800) 950-6264

National Council on Aging (NCOA)

Nonprofit service and advocacy organization and a voice for older Americans – especially those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged

1-(800) 950-6264

Alzheimers Association

Crisis Clinic

(206) 461-3222

Home Doctor Visits

Tacoma-based doctors provide home visits in Tacoma and Seattle for homebound patients. Take Medicare allotments.

(253) 589-6484


Community Advocates

Washington Community Action Network

Transit Riders Union

Washington Senior Lobby

Elder Care Alliance

Tenants Union

Support for renters in housing justice

(206) 723-0500

Older Women’s League (OWL)

Standing Against Foreclosure and Evictions (SAFE)



Washington State

  • Toll-free Legislative Hotline
    Messages to Governor and Legislators

    1-(800) 562-6000

  • Governor Jay Inslee
    (360) 902-4111

  • Washington State Insurance Commissioner (SHIBA), State Health Insurance Benefits Advisor and Consumer Advocacy
    1-(800) 562-6900

  • Washington State Attorney General, Consumer Protection
    1-(800) 551-4636

City of Seattle

  • Mayor’s Office for Senior Citizens
    (206) 684-0500

  • Senior Information and Assistance
    (206) 448-3110 or 1-(888) 324-2277


  • Senator Maria Cantwell
    511 Dirksen Senate Office Building: (202) 224-3441
    Local phone: (206) 220-6400

  • Senator Patty Murray
    173 Russell Senate Office Building: (202) 224-2721
    Local phone (206) 553-5545

United States Representatives

      Phone: (360) 459-8514

Regional Offices

Senior Centers


Central Area Senior Center
(206) 726-4926

North Shore Senior Center
(206) 487-24411


Ballard NW Senior Center
(206) 297-0403

Senior Center of West Seattle
(206) 932-4044


Shoreline Senior Center
(206) 365-1536

Southeast Senior Center
(206) 722-2768

Other Useful Resources


Seattle Housing Authority

(206) 615-3300

Seattle Senior Housing Program (SSHP)

Judith Anderson; Senior Property Manager (206) 615-3347

Noel House Programs

(206) 441-3210

New Beginnings

(206) 783-4520 or (206) 522-9472 (Crisis Line)


Black Women’s Health Imperative

“They Represent You”

A nonpartisan resource published by The League of Women Voters

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