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Resources:  Don’t Privatized Medicare


Below are additional resources to help you better understand the issue and hopefully join PSARA in taking action to protect Medicare.  


PSARA Webinars/Presentations:

Testimonials/Letters, personal stories and letters concerning Medicare Advantage delay and denial of care:

  • PSARA member's letter to the Senate Finance Committee (

  • Gary: Gary had emergency brain surgery.  His doctors had a recovery plan.  That plan never happened.  Watch the video to learn why.  

  • Jacob:  Too many families, like Jacob’s, are suffering from the predatory management tactics of Medicare Advantage insurers.  PSARA is proud to have the support from the Be A Hero campaign to share these personal stories. We must never stop fighting to end the profiteering from these corporate predators. Please join us in this fight to “LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD”. Protect and expand Medicare!

  • Rick Timmons:  PSARA member Rick Timmons talks about how a slow approval process and delay in being able to schedule a surgery put his life at risk and significantly complicated his recovery from cancer. 


More information from other organizations:

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