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Histories Project

PSARA members have a wealth of experience in their respective professions and communities including their roles in labor, social justice, racial justice and environmental movements.  Angela Bartels has been collecting the oral histories of PSARA members and documenting those interviews in PSARA’s monthly publication the Retiree Advocate.  Those interviews are now recapped in the Oral Histories section of our website.  The written summaries of the interviews are provided here and in some cases video of the interview are included. 

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Bob Barnes

Swimming Against the Current:  making hard choices during the Vietnam War.  Bob Barns talks about facing life changing challenges during the Vietnam war.

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Frankie Manning

"Before we integrated hospitals, the majority of Black people who died in the hospital died because the Black hospitals and wards were not well equipped..."

Lou Truskoff

Lou Truskoff

Lou Truskoff talks about his early years, his love of Music and integrating music into the labor movement.

Larry Gosset

Larry Gossett

A Story of the Great Migration North, Housing discrimination in Seattle and how Black Power Captured Larry Gossett’s Soul While in VISTA .

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Frieda Takamura

Frieda Takamura has been and activist on a range of issues most importantly fighting for social Justice


Frank Irrigon

Frank Irrigon

Mud on their hands:   Frank Irigon talks about his time in the military and working with Seattle's Asian Student Coalition protesting the construction of the King Dome.

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Thursten Muskelly

Thursten Muskelly discusses his work in the labor movement and particularly with the American Federation of Government Employees Local 1170 organizing in Seattle. 

Tony Lee

Tony Lee

Friends of Tony Lee, Peter Costantini and Tom Berry, recount their work creating the Team Tony Lee during the 2022 election helping to flip the third WA State Congressional District

Gary Owen

Gary Owens

Gary Owens recounts his time with the labor movemet and the Black Panthers.

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