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PSARA Government  Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee is an active and engaged committee of volunteers that believes PSARA’s advocacy will make a difference in forming our state’s policies and priorities. We meet year around and are open to all PSARA members. 


Our work helps to center PSARA’s advocacy priorities and lead our members to greater activism in making Washington a healthier and more equitable place to live and thrive.  We advocate for the quality of life and well-being of all Washingtonians and particularly seniors emphasizing retirement security, economic and social justice, revenue reform, climate justice, healthcare and housing affordability.  Click here to see PSARA’s 2024 Legislative Agenda


Here is a breakdown of the key activities and functions of the GRC.


  1. Meetings: We meet the first Thursday of every month at 12:30 by zoom. In addition, during the legislative session we meet weekly with our lobbyist for timely updates that guide our advocacy for the next week. 

  2. Membership: While the GRC includes members with specific issue expertise, we are open to any member interested in advocacy.

  3. Preparation for Legislative Session: As the legislative session approaches, the GRC doubles down in its work, creating and finalizing our legislative agenda, planning our fall conference, and organizing for Lobby Day. 

  4. Crafting the Legislative Agenda: The GRC leads the work in creating a comprehensive state legislative agenda that reflects the priorities and concerns of PSARA members. We do this by consulting other PSARA committees, polling our members and meeting with allies.

  5. Legislative Conference in the fall: The conference is open to all members, where we introduce the legislative agenda, build excitement and strategize. 

  6. Relationships with Legislators and Lobby Day: We engage with legislators throughout the year building relationships and bridges to better meet our advocacy goals. On Lobby Day during the session, we meet in Olympia with our legislators to advocate for our legislative agenda. 

  7. Action Alerts: The committee uses action alerts to mobilize PSARA members to contact their legislators about specific bills. 

In summary, we encourage interested PSARA members to join us and help make change happen.

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