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2024 PSARA Washington State Legislative Agenda
(updated 1/12/24)
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PSARA is a multi-generational grass roots organization advocating for seniors, in particular, and all people to be able to live their lives with economic security, dignity and respect. We support the funding necessary to achieve that goal.  This page will be updated periodically as the Washington State Legislative Session progresses.  Please check back for updates.   Please also note that the Senate and House bill numbers have been linked to the WA State Bill tracker page for that Bill.  It is very easy to contact your legislators on a specific piece of legislation.  Click on the Bill number below, that will take you to the Bill Status page.  To the right of the Bill status box there are 4 buttons, the top one will take you to a page that will let you contact your Legislators.

Health Care

PSARA believes that comprehensive, affordable, accessible, and culturally appropriate health care is a fundamental human right.

  • HB 2285/SB 5986 Bans abusive health care billing practices and stop ambulance billing abuses.

  • HB 1263/SB 5241 Keep Our Care Act would provide public oversight of hospital mergers to keep health care services

  • Make improvements to Washington Cares Fund. Strengthen long-term care protection.


Climate and Environmental Justice

PSARA supports the right of all people to live and work in a clean and healthy environment.

  • HB 2049/SB 6005 ReWrap Act: Improves solid waste management. 

  • Add the Green Amendment to the Washington State Constitution.

  • HB 1282/SB 5322 Buy Clean, Buy Fair.

  • Support Amtrak to improve passenger rail service and travel.


Housing and Homelessness

PSARA supports keeping people housed and preventing homelessness.​

  • HB 2114/SB 5961  Protects manufactured homeowners and residential tenants by capping rent increases at 5% each 12 months. 

  • HB 2276/SB 6191 Creates a permanent funding source for affordable homes through expansion of the state Real Es- tate Excise Tax (“REET” ) on transactions for expensive properties and create a new local option REET for cities and counties.

  • Support legislation and funding to promote transit-oriented development w/affordability requirement. Seniors must have access to frequent transit service.

  • HB 1859 Support expansion of Senior Housing Bill of Rights.  This Bill expands the rights of residents in long-term care facilities.


Workers’ Rights and Economic Justice

PSARA supports policies that promote healthy families and workplaces.

  • HB 1094/SB 5125 Build economic security for low-income families by creating the Washington Future Fund Program (Baby Bonds).

  • HB 1991/SB 5793 Expand the definition of family in our state’s sick and safe leave policy to match Paid Family Medical Leave’s definition so that chosen and extended family can take paid leave to care for their loved ones.

Fiscal Reform

PSARA supports a state budget that is transparent, pays a living wage to state workers, and provides necessary social


  • HB 1473/SB 5486 Create a Wealth Tax and tax extraordinary financial assets.

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