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Updated: Jul 2

June 29, 2021 - HOT!

Five hundred members of the Sunrise Movement spend the past weekend blockading entrances to the White House in D.C. to tell Biden that we need an infrastructure bill that will help deal with the threats of climate change. “Stop negotiating our futures with the GOP and a deliver a fully funded Civilian Climate Corps.

And in DC, the PRO Act - Protecting Rights to Organize - passed the House in March and is in the Senate with 47 co-sponsors. This legislation will roll back attacks on workers and their unions and is a crucial part of the Green New Deal because workers must organize for living wages and job security when transitioning to green jobs. Mark Kelly, Kyrsten Sinema, and Mark Warner are the only three Dems who have not signed on.

This weekend, during the historic heat we all tried to stay cool by drinking lots of cold water and draping cloths from the freezer around our necks. What happens when this heat occurs again, but there are also forest fires and smoky air? What are we doing to try and restore our northwest to clear air and cool summer days? And, what are we doing about the fact that poor areas of our city and state were even hotter?

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