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Updated: May 2, 2022

March 2022

Militaries around the world are some of the biggest fossil fuel emitters. And the US military is one of the largest polluters in history, consuming more liquid fuels and emit- ting more climate-changing gases than most medium-sized countries. Wars cause immediate massive damage and loss of life. They also hasten the deaths of people and other species around the globe by increasing global warming.

We are at a crucial point in working to stop climate change, and we have limited time to act. Russia’s war on Ukraine has us careening closer and closer to the point of no return. The scramble is on to provide alternatives to Russian oil and gas for energy in Europe.

US fossil oligarchs are pressing to expand infrastructure for drilling, refining, and shipping LNG (liquified natural gas) to Europe. New refineries and shipping facilities will chain us to these fuels for years in the future, vastly increase emissions, and rush us all over the cliff of climate catastrophe.

PSARA was at the youth climate strike in March 2022 to demand that we reduce military spending, pass the Build Back Better Bill, respond to energy needs with a massive build-out of clean energy, and leave fossil fuels in the ground. We want a future for future generations.

November 8, 2021

Keeping up with the negotiations at COP26 in Glasgow? There is lots of talk about "Net Zero" emissions. To better understand "net zero", view this hilarious but only-too-true presentation from Juice Media. Greta Thunberg approved:

October 9, 2021

PSARA Demands that Chase Bank Stop Funding Fossil Fuels

Chase Bank has loaned billions of dollars to fossil fuel companies for pipelines and other infrastructure. On Saturday, October 9, PSARA members joined in the protests against these reckless and deadly Chase investments – in particular, the Enbridge Line 3 pipe- line through the headwaters of the Mississippi river. We picketed and marched around the Ballard branch of Chase Bank for over an hour. We were a lively crowd of about 30 people with banners and signs and at least one grandchild. Our demands are serious, and the stakes are high. Even as we were picketing, chanting, and singing along with Lou Truskoff, oil was flowing out of ruptured pipes in The Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Southern California. Large swathes of the Gulf of Mexico were covered in oil slicks in September because Hurricane Ida caused several pipelines to break and leak. Oil companies have abandoned 18,000 miles of pipelines in a tangle across the floor of the Gulf, most still full of oil. In California, oil has washed ashore at Huntington Beach and Newport Beach and has swept onto 25 miles of coast, including sensitive coastal marshes. First reported on October 2, about 126,000 gallons of oil has spilled from an underwater pipeline connected to an oil drilling platform 17.5 miles off the California shore.

Three members of PSARA, led by our President, Pam Lux, went into the bank and read a letter which we sent to three executives in the New York headquarters. The letter said, "Your investments will cause death and harm around the world and future generations will be left to pay the costs. We join with millions who are demanding that you stop funding fossil fuels."

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