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Jeff Johnson

layout PSARA’s Plans for getting Medicare out of the Hands of Private Equity by Leveling the Playing Field



Over 350 participants attended PSARA’s April 2 Webinar to hear Five National experts discuss PSARA’s strategy to Level the Medicare Playing field.  The discussion provided a framework for further development of our campaign to Level the Medicare Playing Field.  Click here to view the webinar.

In this month's Advocate, we feature the launch of our 2024 GiveBIG campaign, the year's major fundraiser for the PSARA Education Fund, publisher of The Retiree Advocate (see page 9). 


Also in the April Advocate:

  • The latest in our series on the privatization of Medicare: Jeff Johnson explains what Pres. Biden can and should do to level the playing field. (page 1 or click here to read the story)

    • Part 1 of aa two-part article on racial disparities in health care. (page 3)

    • A report from the universal health care rally in Olympia on March 6. (page 4)

    • An analysis of the so-called Fiscal Commission and the threat it poses to Medicare and Social Security. (page 5 or click here to read the story)

    • A wrap-up of the 2024 legislative session. (page 6)

    • A report on the harmful initiatives that will be on the ballot this year. (page 7)

    • The history of pizza. (page 8)

And more!

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