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Working across generations for social justice, economic security, dignity, and a healthy planet for all of us.

WA Legislators have scheduled
Town Hall Meetings for the
months of February and March

PSARA members have a wealth of experience in their respective professions and communities including their roles in labor, social justice, racial justice and environmental movements.  Angela Bartels has been collecting the oral histories of PSARA members and documenting those interviews in PSARA’s monthly publication the Retiree Advocate.  Those interviews are now recapped in the Oral Histories section of our website.  Click here to visit our Oral Histories Collection.

In this issue, we invite you to a PSARA webinar titled "Fear and Loathing on the Way to Leveling the Playing Field." See Page 3 for information. To register for this webinar, click here:


In addition we feature:

  • A Page 1 article by Rick Timmins on the trap of private Medicare Advantage policies.

  • Part 2 of Angie Bartels' interview with Maureen Bo.

  • An article by our Climate Committe members Anne Kroeker and Bobby Righi on liquid natural gas production.

  • Steve Kofahl's article on threats to Social Security.

  • Dorothy Van Soest on the Poor People's Campaign.

  • Michael Righi's analysis of pharmacy closures.

  • Tim Wheeler writing about November ballot initiatives financed by a multimillionaire.


And more!

PSARA Members Have a
Productive  Lobby Day

The 2024 State Virtual Lobby Day is a wrap and was a rousing success. We had great turnout with 33 members participating in the orientation and morning session, 30 at noon to hear from our lobbyist, Nancy Sapiro, and 25 to end the day with a debrief. 


PSARA partners and allies 350 Seattle, Economic Opportunity Institute (EOI), SEIU 775, and Northwest Health Law Advocates shared with participants common legislative priorities and updates.  Click here for link to the morning program with bill update and guest speakers.


Key highlights and takeaways:


  • PSARA members have met with 16 Legislators or legislative staff in key legislative districts since the end of December, 2023.

  • Legislators know who we are and value our voice.

  • Six initiatives have been filed with the Legislature that will undo the progressive legislation the Legislature has passed the last few years.  

  • Stay tuned for a future Retiree Advocate discussing the initiatives and what PSARA will do to fight them.  Find out about the rich hedge fund millionaire who is bankrolling this harmful effort to hurt our state and its residents.

  • Advocacy matters.


Check out our legislative agenda and PSARA's legislative updates and ACTION. 

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