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Advocates for

Working across generations for social justice, economic

security, dignity,

and a healthy planet

for all of us.

Reparations Workshop

Oct. 14, @ 1:30 p.m. - 3:30

Washington State Labor Council,

321 16th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

On Saturday, October 14, at 1:30 p.m., PSARA members will have a wonderful opportunity to become agents for racial justice and equity in a workshop we are sponsoring, led by the Seattle-King County African American Reparations Committee (SAARC). Our own Larry Gossett (SAARC convenor), along with SAARC leaders Kevin Allen and Andra Kranzler, will help us become more effective anti-racist advocates. We’ll learn how to speak with friends and neighbors about Reparations and how to build support and build steps that will heal our community.  For more background on reparations see the October PSARA Advocate (page 3): Repairing Our Past By Larry Gossett and Anne Watanabe.

PSARA Members


The PSARA legislative Committee would like your views on what Legislation PSARA should support in the 2024 Washington State Legislative Session.  


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We Can Reclaim Medicare From Greedy Profiteers,

PSARA’s recent Webinar with Ed Weisbart

Click here to watch


Rally to

End Fossil Fuels

(Kudos to Bobby Righi for a successful event)

(Sept. 17, 2023 @ Seattle Center)

France Giddings Karen Richter, Jeff John

Above Jeff Johnson speaking at the Rally

Above Right France Giddings, Karen Richter, Jeff Johnson and Robby Stern at PSARA table

Stop Raiding Our Medicare Rally

Co-President Jeff Johnson speaking at the Stop Raiding our Medicare Rally, August 1 at the Federal Building downtown Seattle.  Jeff urged all to tell your Senators and Representatives to level the playing field between Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage:

  • Add benefits to traditional Medicare including vision, dental and hearing and eliminating the 20% Medicare copay.

  • Stop the private insurance companies’ fraudulent charges to the Medicare Trust Fund.

  • Take back the money that the Medicare Trust Fund lost to fraud and abuse by private insurance corporations.


Pramila Jayapal, Teresa Mosqueda and host of others spoke at the Stop Raiding our Medicare Rally.  See photos above. A complete report on the Stop Raiding Medicare Rally is in the September Advocate.  Click here for a highlights video of the rally.  

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